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We sell high-quality coffee and accessories, professionally sourced for you from the UK’s biggest marketplace.

We’re a family run business, shipping high-quality coffee and accessories all over the world to fellow fans of the ground goodness.

Founded in 2008, we’ve been coffee-conscious for just over 10 years now!

Passion for the product is at the heart of what we do. We understand the lives of other caffeine collaborators and follow the same love for a hot cup as them.

“I’ve been buying my coffee from you guys for a year now. I hate that all I can find in tesco is the same rubbish I can get from the highstreet chains. Keep up the good work!”

“Nightshifts are my worst nightmare, and finding a coffee that actually tastes nice and works has been hard. When I found one, I couldn’t get it anywhere. I finally found Rare Coffee Club and now I have a selection of great coffee.”

You think you know coffee? We’re damn good at what we do and we’re very proud of it. If there’s a coffee you like that you can’t find on our site, we’ll work hard to get it on for you for the best price possible.

Got a question about coffee? Simply drop us a message.

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